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"Great 1st tip regarding faster not harder swing, was shocked when I tried it my first round on the 4th hole hit a drive of 270 yards - my average drive is around 230 yards … Seems like effortless power" —Brian Konopski

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I took Hank's tips to the range and my swing was fixed after 15 balls. The next day I played a round with only one pull hook. I would normally have 8-10 with a couple of them leading to lost balls. As, a result I matched the best score that I had ever posted." —Andri Smith
Thanks Hank. I've been following your advice for weeks. I took 9 strokes off my handicap. I played today with my brother. He said 'I've heard about your great rounds, today I saw for myself" I got a warm fuzzy. thanks again." —Jim C.
Great lesson. It was very helpful to understand the effect of turning the foot out to promote better shoulder rotation. I am 72 and consistently hit 275 to 280 and instantly went about 10 to 15 further. Big deal is accuracy not affected. Thank you.” —David Peters
Hank, I wanted to pass along my thanks for offering these videos for free... you deserve credit for pointing out a very subtle flaw that slowly unraveled my game over the past two seasons. Your quick tip on grip position and pressure was a game changer." —Peter Newton
Hank has an incredible gift for putting into words and guiding a student (player) completely through the swing, beginning to end . He has a way of explaining the things I always had trouble identifying with, even to myself! He is such an animated person that one would have to be absent to miss. Just through changing a couple of (major) things my swing is finally cutting from inside swinging the club outward toward first base. I can't believe the draw I have developed in a much more consistent manner. I'd love to meet the man and give him a kiss!!" —Chris Albertelli
I can't say how impressed I am with this simple drill... Bang!! The last piece of the puzzle has been found. My driver is long and straight at 270-280 yds. This even has improved a bit on my woods and irons putting me into the 80s even from the back tee - probably no big deal for the single handicappers but it is a big deal to me!!" —Andrew Cheung
Great 1st tip regarding faster not harder swing, was shocked when I tried it my first round on the 4th hole hit a drive of 270 yards - my average drive is around 230 yards - my second round of the faster not harder swing let me hit my longest drive on my course's longest par 5, was able to go for the green in 2 … Seems like effortless power if I take the time to complete my back swing and just swoosh the club like Hank showed in the first video - many thanks Hank.” —Brian Konopski
Thanks Hank, I really appreciate how you simplify the basic swing components. It got me back on track after falling into some old bad habits. I'm hitting 10-15 yds longer with my irons, that sure helps my scoring capabilities a ton!!" —J.
Have had many lessons and just as many instructors but none offered the kind of insightfulness you demonstrated in the video. I went out to hit some balls today and applied what I have learned from the video. And you know what, I was able to hit straighter and 20+ yards longer with my driver. Can't wait to watch the rest of your videos. Thank you!” —Frank T.

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